WordPress Website creation

Creating a Free WordPress Website

Welcome Readers !!! In this article, we are going to learn how to create a free WordPress website without spending a penny:).

Most of you are already aware that in my previous post, I have shared plans & pricing details for WordPress.

So, in this article I tried to focus on website creation using WordPress free plan plus understanding the Free plan benefits as shared below:

Details and benefits of Free WordPress Website

  • Jetpack Essential Features – It helps speeding up site performance and protect from spammers.
  • Storage Space – Space used to store images, audio, documents which are going to reflect on your website as selected. Total 3 GB space offered to free plan users which is good to start with.
  • Pre-Installed SSL Certificate – It Keep privacy and safety of all the in-coming and out-going traffic to your website.
  • Dozens of Free Themes – These are the design templates which are used to setup your websites. Basically, plays an important role that how your website will going to appear to the audience?

How to create Free Website using WordPress?

So, now let’s learn that how to create a free website on WordPress? which is interactive and informative at the same time.

I know most of you are excited to know that how to create a free website? Mainly those who are new and exploring about website creation and digital marketing as both are incomplete without each other.

Digital marketing is nothing without a website. Also, to make awareness amongst public or to promote product/services in this digital marketing era website is a must. Note for writing a blog too website is required.”

Most importantly it is most beneficial for the users who are new and looking to explore more about website creation using WordPress as the best part of this tool is…it’s simple and effective.

I hope this might help most of the users and save their time to some extent. So, let’s get started !!!

WordPress Signup

Step by Step process of creating free WordPress Website

Before we start, I would like to give exciting offer to my readers i.e. INR 1841/- off (25$):

  • Open WordPress.com website and click here to get redirected to WordPress website
  • after that claim your credit by clicking on ‘Claim your credit.

Note, If you are creating website using above shared link then you will be going to receive INR 1841/- off (25$) on your first purchase.

Also, please don’t worry when it says off on first purchase’. As, I mentioned initially that we are going to learn free website creation so I will keep my promise. So do not worry about purchase part.

For future reference whenever one is planning to upgrade from free plan to any other advance plan with additional features then remember you are going to get discount on first purchase:).

Filling details to proceed with website creation once credit is claimed

  • Create your WordPress account by entering following details:
    • Your email address – where you are going to receive emails from WordPress.
    • Choose a username – Choose the one you can remember.
    • Choose a password – Choose the one you can remember.
    • Create your account Enter on ‘Create your account’ option or else can create using existing Google account too.
Domain selection

Domain Selection

  • Selecting a free domain from WordPress
    • Select domain – ‘type the domain you want within search option’ but note for free some numbers will appear on suffix like for example I selected ‘createwebsite55254146’.

Note – ‘Select’ one which is coming on the drop-down, not recommended one as we are learning to create a free website in WordPress🙂

Though the domain is not yet customized to initially start with and to explore WordPress let’s continue with the same. Also, later on at any point in time, you can have a domain of your choice placed which is based on the plan one is going to opt for.

Just a quick reminder all plans have domain free for 1 year plus you have INR 1841/- (25$) off on the first purchase (only if redirected using the above shared referral link ).

Email Confirmation and Login

  • Email activation and account confirmation from WordPress
    • Check your email, WordPress must have dropped email to your account in-order to confirm and activate your account by selecting ‘Click here to Confirm Now.
    • Title of the email must be like Activate Username you already choose’.
  • Login to WordPress
    • Subscriptions Plan page will appear now to offer plans but here on top click onStart with a free site’ reflecting in red font.
    • Login page will appear now. Here enter your username or email address as mentioned earlier initially while filling details.

Congratulations!!! You have now your own website placed:).

Site icon, title, tagline setup

Setting up website in WordPress

The next step is to select a theme, setup site name, menu setup, and update the Homepage, etc.

We will cover them all next i.e. under ‘Site setup’ and finally will going to launch the site so that it would be visible to the audience.

  • Get started with ‘site setup’ in WordPress
    • Give Name to your site (note by default present page will be at ‘Name your site’)
    • Click on ‘Name your site’ option
    • Enter Name of your website example I didTestsite(as shown in above screenshot). This will going to appear on browser tab plus at home page of your website so give some sensible name for now. “This is identity of your website”.
  • Create a site menu
    • You can set Menu bar of your choice. Lets keep as it is for now (by default following options will going to appear on top of the page i.e. ‘Home, Blog, About, Contact’ for most of the themes. These are nothing but beautiful pages which will going to appear on your website.
    • Save changes after editing and click on cross mark on left top.

Update & Edit Website Homepage

  • Update your Homepage
    • Edit Homepage– Here can edit and enter any message of your choice like ‘Welcome to my site’ or ‘Hello Viewers’ or anything you would like to give some message to your users who are going to visit your site.
    • Click on ‘My Site’ to go to WordPress Homepage
  • Home page editing & removing text
    • Once at ‘Home’ Page take cursor to the text you want to edit. Keep relevant data and remove irrelevant.
    • Remove unwanted text either by selecting entire text and then clicking on ‘backspace’ option on your keypad or else
    • Take & place the cursor to any Block (where text written) then click on ‘3 dots’ symbol on left side. Scroll down and click on last option ‘Remove Block’.
    • Edit others pages (blog, About, contact) by following similar process.
how to remove block?

WordPress Default theme and customer support

By default mostly ‘Hevertheme selected initially in WordPress.

So, if in between not sure, how to proceed? then feel free to reach out to WordPress support team anytime. Just click on question mark option on bottom left.

  • Launch your website:
    • Click on Launch site – Now public can view your site.

Note – If by mistake also launched then no worries you can edit pages (refer ‘Edit text and Choose theme’ section) after that too but as suggested earlier try not to launch until everything is ready and tested by you.

  • Get the WordPress app
    • This step can be skipped for now by clicking ‘skip for now’ as it is asking to download mobile app.
    • You can come back anytime and can download mobile app whenever required.

Methods to edit window of your website themes:

  • Method 1: Click on ‘Pages’ option on left panel and select ‘Home’ page.
  • Method 2: Click on ‘Visit site’ option on top right and then select Edit option from bottom left as highlighted.

Anyone of them you can use to edit the text of your website. Also, note WordPress has multiple methods to reach one place. I am sharing two to avoid confusion as you might learn more while exploring more.

Themes selection

Selecting & trying Free themes

  • Choose & apply Free Themes
    • Select ‘Themes’ from left panel on WordPress Homepage
    • Many themes will appear on right side. Click anyone from recommended themes (make sure you choose free one’s for now). Not sure about free themes then check next topic i.e. ‘How to identify themes are free?‘.

“Best part is once edited any theme and not satisfied with theme view then one can try other free themes of your choice.”

How to identify themes are free?
  • No pricing mentioned on bottom of themes
  • Once clicked any theme then message will appear ‘Activate this design FREE
Can I view and try themes before applying/activating on my website ?

Yes, you can just follow these steps below:

  • After selecting any free theme, click on ‘Open Live Demo’ option on left side
  • Then select ‘Try and Customize until happy with look and feel.
  • Finally ‘Activate’ the theme
  • Once your website content is finalized and you want to change your theme at any point in time then you can do so.
  • Content will remain the same as well but few themes have some tabs enables/disabled as per default setting, view in test mode 1-2 times, and then apply.

Also, learn How to get a full-width image on WordPress [using Elementor] by clicking here.

Pros and Cons of Free Website

  • Pros of Free WordPress Website
    • Can setup Website that too free of cost.
    • Able to write blogs within your website and can publish.
    • Get chance to explore various features like adding Media, Tools etc.
    • Showcase your work to clients/customer.
    • Export your content like Media files, post, pages, feedback etc.
    • Import your content from Blogger, Go Daddy etc. if any.
    • You can ‘Add new site’ as well anytime and can start working behind the scenes.
    • Can try dozens of free themes and choose the one you like most.
    • Earn credits by referring a friend.
    • Connect to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
  • Cons of Free WordPress Website
    • Limited Features & Storage Space.
    • Plugin’s restrictions, not able to install plugin’s like SEO plugins, updraft etc.
    • Can’t apply advance themes of your choice.
    • All Earn option not accessible only referral one.

Thank you readers 🙂 for more upcoming post please subscribe, like and follow my blogs.  In next post planning to cover “Google Search Console” so keep learning and sharing!!!

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