PRIYANKA VERMA is the founder & CEO of DigitalPVBlogs and in the mission to help businesses grow digitally. Mainly small businesses that are impacted due to COVID-19 and struggling to get recognized online.

Another mission is to help as many students or Professionals to help them learning Digital Marketing in the simplest way. 

Initially started as a Blogger to help students learn digital marketing and expanded to start helping small businesses to increase their customer base and able to get recognized digitally/online.

My Story My Way

From Employee to Entrepreneur – This pandemic has changed my life in 2020. Or you can say showed a path to become Freelancer or Self Employed. But I believe if you start something on your own then yes you are an “Entrepreneur”.

Also, this journey from IT Manager to Marketing consultant was not easy. Although life was full of challenges and ups and downs. But by enhancing my knowledge with every passing day I split this impossible to “I AM POSSIBLE”.

Life Mission

Mission 1

I am happy and enjoying the pathway to reach my goals to help at least 10 Lac small-scale businesses to grow online. 

Especially, those business owners or individuals who suffered during this pandemic (COVID-19) and realized the importance of being online.

Yes, to have an online presence one needs to have a website and I am here to help you setting up appealing professional websites

Mission 2

The second most important mission is to help 10 Lac students, professionals by spreading knowledge about Digital Marketing via my free articles, community, groups and show them the ways to earn money and become financially stable.

Click on the button below to follow the right sequence to learn about Digital Marketing. Starting from knowing about hosting and domain to setting up WordPress website & to learn How to earn money through Digital Marketing?

Token of Appreciation

All the people out there either working for themselves, self-employed, Business owners, Agency owners should be proud of themselves. As you have taken one step ahead no matter what is happening or happens?

So, when I talk about myself I feel proud to be addressed as a businesswoman, one who started from scratch without any moral support plus running out of savings.

In this Journey, I believe in myself and keep myself motivated that one-day things will change. Also, this mission will continue until I complete my goals to help more and more businesses and students.

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