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“Digital Marketing is all about promoting your business online” using different platforms or channels for example search engines, websites, social media etc.

In other words, we can say it is nothing but online marketing to promote your products/services.

So, above mentioned platforms/channels are used to interact with current as well as existing customers.

Traditional & DM

Moreover to understand more clearly, let’s see the difference between “Traditional & DM”.

  • Traditional Marketing: In-shot and easy to understand so basically have classified in points below:
    • Limited reach –  Limited to a particular Area
    • No Specified Target – Cannot target people whom you like to approach
    • Expensive: Like TV ads, Hoardings, etc.
    • No Guaranteed results
  • Digital Marketing: On the other hand DM has the following advantage:
    • Global reach- You can reach across the globe without expending on travel as from home can reach/connect
    • Specified Target -Moreover, can target people whom you like to approach
    • Not Expensive –  Within your pocket
    • Guaranteed results

About Traffic and its Types

“Traffic is nothing but amount of people visiting your site” and in DM we have two types of traffic as shown below:

Organic and Paid Traffic

  • Organic Traffic: Basically, We have Direct Traffic, SEO, Social Media, Inbound Marketing & Email Marketing falling under Organic traffic.
  • Paid Traffic: Although, We have Display Ads, Pay per Click (PPC), Social Media, Video ads, Shopping ads falling underpaid traffic.

Various Modules in Digital Marketing

Modules in Digital Marketing

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Ranking any keyword on the first page of Google is known as SEO.
  • PPC (Pay Per Click): When you search about anything in search engines and a couple of Ads appear on the top mostly. So these “ads are nothing but pay per click marketing”.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM): When you are Marketing using social media channels (Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, etc.). It is nothing but address as Social Media Marketing. Visit What Is Social Media Marketing?: A Complete Guide for more insight about SMM.
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO): There are different groups within social media channels so these groups are nothing but pages and “managing those pages, interacting with the audience, creating pages, increasing followers this is called Social Media Optimization.”

“So, If you are interested to know more about modules in detail then feel free to comment within the comment section. Stating as ‘Want to learn more about Modules’ so, that I will make sure to cover same in my upcoming post based on the number of responses received.”           

Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing

  • Entrepreneur“Be your own Boss” by starting your own business
  • FreeLancer “Be your own Boss” by working on individual projects
  • Blogger – Earn from AdSense/Affiliate marketing by working for the company

Earning of a Digital Marketer

  • Students: Min 12,000 – 25,000 INR/- (depends on performance)
  • Freelancer: Min 20,000 – 10,00,00  INR/- (Depends on projects)
  • Blogger (Earn through AdSense or Affiliate Marketing):  Min 30,000 – 10,00,00  INR/- (Depends on content)

Future Scope of Digital Marketing           

Future scope of Digital Marketing

DM is growing as a boom in India and as per stats by 2021 it will cross 800 Million Internet users. At the end of 2020, it is expected to generate over 20 Lakhs jobs per year. And by the way that’s a big number.

Please feel free to add any comments, feedback and suggestions below in the comment section.

So, planning to cover the “Earn money through Digital Marketing” topic in my next post but will try to add a couple of more depending upon responses. Thank you, Readers 🙂

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