Introduction to WordPress in Digital Marketing

WordPress is a free powerful tool or a online open source platform which helps anyone creating their own websites either to do Blogging or planning to expend small/existing business in this digital marketing era.

If have an idea to get it presented through their website so that can generate revenue to expand their business in this digital marketing world.

Let me welcome everyone before proceeding further with WordPress tutorial, Welcome Readers!!! Today, I am excited to share knowledge about WordPress🙂.

Though some of you are already aware or might have good knowledge about same. For those who have sound knowledge about same. Please feel free to share your experience with everyone under comment section. Also, those who are looking for further information related to WordPress, let’s continue….

WordPress Website Design

Can create website without technical background too🙂

Yes, it’s right anyone can create website and for same no designing, no architecture, no development/coding  background required. As WordPress takes care of all this“.

If I can create one with no technical background then you can do as well. You just need to choose relevant theme of your choice and place a good content within selected theme.

Though there are so many other things like Features, plugins within WordPress as it is a big ocean. Plus, to learn it alone will going to take at least 365 days. Although, this doesn’t mean one will stop thinking to place website either for doing business, writing blogs or for both.

WordPress site surfing to choose right site for Digital Marketing
Social Media Learning

Many learning material in the form of guides, videos, blogs are also available within the social media and within WordPress itself for beginners, Intermediate, Advanced learners based on the topics one is looking for.

Word ‘WordPress’ itself explain its meaning i.e. ‘it is a press of words’ or in other words, we can say one can express their feelings or passion or present their business well to audience.

In short, we can say an excellent powerful platform for a variety of websites either from blogging to e-commerce websites or placing portfolio websites.

What role WordPress play in Digital Marketing?

WordPress have captured 35% of the Internet so by this we can see how much important role WordPress is playing in Digital Marketing field as around 63% websites on the internet so out of which 35% captured by WordPress.

As shared in my previous post too. We are aware now websites are required for doing digital Marketing and one of the powerful platforms like WordPress help creating those. There are many other platforms as well which helps creating websites as mentioned in my previous article “The Power of Website” too.

For my new readers specially, I would suggest to read below mentioned article i.e. “The Power of Website” , “Introduction to Digital Marketing” & How to earn money through Digital Marketing article for more visibility about Websites, hosting, domain knowledge.

Why to choose WordPress for Digital Marketing?

Word Press is the top Content Management System (CSM) because it has 61.8 % CSM market share as per stats which is more than combined shares of other companies.

Also, WordPress makes it easy to translate a website into different language. WordPress content is published in 120 different languages so far and it is growing continuously. 14.7 % of top 100 websites in the world are created with WordPress site.

Moreover it never sleeps as due to this we are able to see comments, posts and likes in real time. It is easy to learn, practice especially for start-ups, beginners. It remains the choice of many people, organization as it fulfils their site goals.

Content Marketing stats

Can we do Content Marketing using WordPress?

Yes, initially WordPress started as a content platform for Blogs and as we know it is the top Content Management System at present.

Even though it has extended its initial scope, WordPress continues to keep content at its center”. Also, in Digital Marketing quality content generation is necessary.

You can post, edit new content very easy and as frequently as you want using WordPress. As a result of which you can quickly build an online presence and reputation by showcasing your work.

Benefits of Word Press that makes it difference in Digital Industry

  • Easy and Accessible
  • High Performance
  • SEO friendly
  • Powerful Media
  • Powerful Management
  • Customizable Designs
  • High security
  • Flexibility
  • Online support and communities
  • Various templates and designs

Are there any plans offered by in-order to proceed with Digital Marketing career?

As we know now, WordPress is free platform to create your website but that doesn’t mean everything is free like features, themes & plugin’s etc.

It totally depends on your needs like if started as a beginner then can opt for Free plan but if planning to expend business and need more storage then you can go with Business plan with additional feature like Plugin’s installation,24/7 live chat option, Unlimited Premium themes.

Personal and Premium plans are also their but as I said it totally depends on your needs as you progress further exploring things in Digital Marketing world. Plans

Pricing in INR:

  • Free – Free for lifetime
  • Personal -₹ 200/month
  • Premium -₹ 350/month
  • Business – ₹ 800/month
  • E-commerce – ₹ 1440/month

Pricing in USD:

  • Free – Free for lifetime
  • Personal – $ 4/month
  • Premium – $ 8/month
  • Business – $ 25/month
  • E-commerce – $ 45/month

Note: Currently, 20% discount is going on all WordPress plans.

So, for example, if we consider Personal plan after 20% discount it is available in ₹160 in India, same apply for other plans. Also, these plans are billed annually. Country wise price varies so just for my users shared pricing for US & India above.

For more details on pricing & features included per plan check out pricing list available within WordPress pricing list (Note: Please make sure to scroll down pricing page in-order to view price listing within “Compare fees and plans” subtitle)

There is VIP subscription plan as well in WordPress which starts from ₹ 1700/month onwards in India and $ 1700/month in US. It is mainly designed to provide Business solutions, well-known companies like Disney, TED opted for this plan and are successful as well most of us know.

Hosting & Domain Service provided by WordPress provides free hosting service with all its plans and initially setup your website on Blog in their domain. so that you can proceed without worrying much and can change at later stage once you have decided domain name.

Though you can select one of your choice to start initially but it would be something like this ‘’ where example can be like ‘’.

I know some big numbers behind and not that much easy to remember. No worries, here ‘subscription plans will come into picture’ where you can look for options to buy domains of your choice and Features included within, check same pricing list as shared above for more details related to Feature.

Once you buy a plan then you can have your own domain like I have i.e. In fact all plans have domain free for 1 year but after that you need to pay.

Some of you are still worried about cost of plans. No need to worry much as there are some good hosting service providers as well in the market which I have covered next.

Is it fine to buy Hosting from other hosting provider?

Due to WordPress increasing popularity day by day, there are many popular web hosts which offer specific WordPress Hosting packages. These are for those mainly who have limited budget or looking for smart investment for long duration. Some of the best hosting services I have mentioned in my previous blog too “Power of Website in Digital Marketing” within subtopic ‘Are there any websites which provide hosting services?’ Also, tried to cover some of the best hosting sites here as well:

Best WordPress Hosting Services

You might be wondering which one should I go for. I would suggest Go and check plans of these hosting services by visiting their sites and select the one which works best for you after doing comparison.

Also, there are many good blogs/videos as well which would be helpful for you to give clear visibility about the comparison and make it easy for you to decide.

Suggestion – but please make sure, you are checking latest article/videos as with time plan pricing varies and other factors too.

If in-case not able to find or do not get chance to do comparisons then do let me know in the comment section. For my lovely readers, I will research and post same in future for your ease.

How good or bad is WordPress customer support team?

WordPress support is very good and quick as per my experience. WordPress will give you option to email your query related to the topics, always will give option to choose relevant topics so that it will redirect to correct individual without any further delay. Great support team which help clarifying doubt at every point whenever you are looking for solution or doubts to be clarified.

Once you login to site then on bottom right corner, you will find question mark symbol where you can ask your queries to support team.

Are there two different WordPress platforms?

Yes, it’s true there are two separate platforms. One is which is owned and operated by Automattic, Inc. and another one is is software released under the GPLv2 license.

“Due to same co-founder Matt Mullenweg, often users confuse with and is created by the co-founder of that’s the reason why most of us confuse.

Quick Standard Definitions for clear visibility: is a free blog hosting platform for registered users so basically famous for Blogging and other works on the other hand is a free and open-source CMS (content management system) and used by 60 million websites.

I would suggest going and visiting both the sites once. Also, if still not clear then no worries please do let me know under comment section after visiting them so that I will try my best to answer all the queries.

Some Amazing Stats related to


I hope you enjoyed reading this post and got some good inside about WordPress and growing popularity plus good wonderful stats which clearly says Blogging is not going to die soon:). Thank you reader’s for your precious time and support:)

For more upcoming post, feel free to subscribes, like and follow my blogs.  In next post planning to cover “WordPress for Website creation” so till then keep learning and sharing!!!

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