How to earn money through Digital Marketing?

Welcome Readers!!! I know you must be excited to learn about How to earn money through digital marketing topic, so let’s get started to know bit more about it. 

There are couple of areas via which one can earn money as shared below:


This is one of the most important areas or piece of work where you can start earning. 

So basically now you might be wondering what is Blogging or a Blog? and How I can earn money through Blogging? “Especially those who have no idea about it and have just started learning “Digital Marketing & Blogging”. 

Need not to worry much:) I am here to help you understand same so let’s check them one by one below:

What is Blogging or a Blog?

Blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web (www) consisting of dairy-style text entries (posts).

What is Blog or Blogging?

Are you still confused?  Let me try explaining in a simpler way. 

Sharing knowledge with your audience using your website or via powerful online platforms (like Blogger, Word Press etc.)and those are mostly related to some specific topics like for example Personal Dairies, Health & Fitness, Sports, about Corona, Digital Marketing and many more. I hope it is clear now :). 

Also, writing a Blog/Blogs is nothing but Blogging so those who write blog or a post are known as Bloggers.

How one can earn money through Blogging?


Readers, who joined digital marketing journey initially, they are aware that in my last post while discussing about Digital Marketing Overview/Introduction, I mentioned that one can earn money through “AdSense/Affiliate Marketing by working for companies” i.e. by doing promotions for their brands (products/services) placing ads of companies within your website. 

I will try to cover in detail about AdSense/Affiliate Marketing in a separate future post.

Let’s cover about AdSense first as next topic is itself about Affiliate Marketing, just to give quick idea about it who have no clue about same. “AdSense is basically displaying ads on your website; this program is served by Google & for same Google pay you for the ads displayed on your site based on user clicks on ads or on ad impressions, depending on type of ads.”

Affiliate Marketing

It is a way of earning a commission by promoting other company’s product/services. 

If you like any product, promote it to others and earn a piece of profit for each sale you are going to make.

Quick flow to understand how to be Affiliate Marketer?

  • Create a website or Blog (using platforms like Blogger, Word Press etc.)
  • Visit the Amazon Associates Homepage
  • Build Amazon Associate profile
  • Create Amazon Affiliate links (unique link shared by Amazon for particular product/service)

So via these unique links if someone drives Amazon lead or a cell, they pay them out as per the commission mentioned on their website. Check same for further details.

Note – You need to have your own website/Blog to place ads on your pages. Also, no need to worry about website creation, it is free of cost at some wonderful platforms like Word Press and Blogger and many more..


So going back to my previous post where I have mentioned “At the end of 2020 it is expected to generate over 20 Lakhs jobs per year which is quite a big number.”



Companies are looking out for Digital Marketers and ready to pay pretty well.


So, now may be thinking where can I get jobs related to Digital Marketer? We have many Job portals available online, where you can find one like for e.g. Naukri, Indeed, Times Jobs and many more…



Photo by on

Ministry of Corporate affairs have companies registered in this government website. 

For example assuming this site have 1 crore companies registered in there portal and out of which 25 lakhs are Digital Marketers so you can see remaining 75 Lakhs need digital marketers because every company do digital activity to sustain in a longer run.

If we see in India itself there are over 2500 digital Marketing agencies and you can earn money through this as well. 

Just for your reference current stats say 1.15 million registered companies so far in MCA website so from this you can get idea about big number.


People who do freelancing are freelancers so self-employed individuals either working on hourly basis or on project basis. Freelancer and Fiverr are famous websites/platform for Freelancing; there are other good sites as well.

Search in Google to find other websites providing this service. 

Basically some companies outsource their work to freelancers. You can get jobs like this which suits your time so “Be your own Boss”. 

99% digital marketers do offline jobs. Website will play an important role here as well by showcasing your work while creating profile for these platforms.

In How many days I can earn money?

If someone is working 4-5 hours/day then can get money in next 60 days and if not performing well then can take 90-180 days as well so it totally depends on you.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and might helped you understanding bit more about Digital Marketing. 

For those who are new and looking for Intro of Digital Marketing then can view my previous post by clicking on Introduction to Digital Marketing within Overview option, it will redirect.

Thank you readers 🙂 Also, for more upcoming post please subscribe, like and follow my blogs.  In next post planning to cover “Power of Website” so keep learning and sharing!!!

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