Power of Website in Digital Marketing

Power of Website in Digital Marketing is mainly covered within this article so that it can help understanding learners that how important is website for us in this world? because it is extremely growing digitally really very fast.

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So, before I start sharing about ‘Power of Website’ or it’s importance in Digital Marketing, let me clarify below doubts which most of the beginners have, especially those who have no idea about websites or else just started exploring these area, rest others may continue exploring from ‘Importance/Power of Website’; if already have good understanding about Website, Domain and hosting.

What is a Website?

As per standard definition, ‘It is a collection of webpages containing related content which are represented by a common domain name and published on at least one web servers’. Sometimes we don’t understand definitions and wonder if we have examples shared as well in-order to understand them better so below are some examples of famous wonderful search engine and ecommerce websites:

I am sure it is clear now, so currently https://digitalpvblogs.com/ url is in your browser address bar, which is my website where you are exploring things currently related to Digital MarketingJ . I hope it is clearer now.

Also, in digital Marketing world when we talk about website then Domain and Hosting obviously comes into picture as these are the main pillars of websites which basically drive it. Let’s know bit about them as well with some good examples:

  • Domain – Location/address of a website is domain or a domain name example ‘google.com’, amazon.com, ‘digitalpvblogs.com’ these are domain names which are human friendly version of IP address.

In computer world addresses are represented in numbers which are known as IP address and to make it easy to remember for humans name are given which are known as domain name. “Domain is just like our home address”. There are many website which provide domains.

  • Hosting –Place where websites resides example place where webpages of Google, Amazon or any other website hosted is called hosting. Hosting is like home where we live. There many sites which provide hosting service.
Search for Domain Name

How to choose Domain name in this competitive Digital Marketing world?

Choose something which is easy to type, pronounce and write plus easy to remember. Avoid using hyphens & numbers. Select right dimension like .com, .org or .net it depends on your business as well as people wanted to approach.  Some of the sites which help suggesting domain name are Leandomainsearch, shopify , hostpapa, nameboy etc.

 These websites might help you selecting your own domain so don’t think much and start creating your own website.

Are there any websites which provide hosting services?

        Yes, there are many websites which provide hosting services such as WP Engine, HostGator, Bluehost, Hostinger, GreenGeeks etc. Note they have their own subscription plans so select them as per your need and requirement.

What is the use of Website?

Website plays an important role in Digital Marketing as you can promote your products/services online. Also, not only in Digital Marketing but also it’s a way to showcase your work to others and make an impactful impression to audiences and can get good projects in-hand.

Power of Website

What is the Power of Website in Digital Marketing?

Below are some of the points which will help understanding Power of Website in Digital Marketing:

  • Key to unlock Digital Marketing career
  • One can Practice complete Digital Marketing using Website
  • In short-time you can become pro digital marketer
  • Can build your own personal brand
  • Can crack first interview easily in Digital Marketing
  • Interviewer ask for Website not for certificate
  • One can start Digital Marketing business
  • Start writing blogs and one point Google will start paying for traffic
  • Can start Freelancing and will get projects too by showing your work through website
  • Can do Affiliate Marketing and start earning money

How much important is Website for Digital Marketer?

Website is like a lifeline for a Digital Marketer as in-order to do Digital marketing one must require a website. If we talk about Digital Marketing interviews there too “people will ask for your website and not for certification as they want to see your work” so this is most important Power of Website especially for Digital Marketer.  

If wanted “to be your own Boss” then I would suggest start Focusing on digital Marketing and  setting up your own website so that can start practicing same as more you practice more you start knowing about Digital Marketing. Remember more efforts you put learning Digital Marketing, definitely going to see results.

Website creation

What are other advantages of having a Website in this Digital Marketing world?

So far we have seen that Website plays crucial role in Digital Marketing so not only doing business or promoting products/services but also great platform for doing Blogging, Affiliate marketing, searching jobs, Freelancing. I think now we knows power of website in Digital Marketing.

For new readers, who are interested to know more about Quick ‘Introduction to Digital Marketing’ or ‘How to earn money through Digital Marketing’ can check out my earlier post or click on related topic so that they will be redirect to related page.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and got some knowledge about the Websites, Power of Websites and the role they play in this Digital world. Thank you reader’s 🙂 .

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