Bluehost vs WordPress: Which Hosting service is best in 2022?

Bluehost vs WordPress: Do we have any comparison between WordPress & Bluehost? Is Bluehost & WordPress the same? What is the difference between Bluehost & WordPress? Which hosting service is best Bluehost or WordPress?

These are the questions most of the individuals have who initially start writing Professional Blogs or planning to design a website or maybe totally new to the Digital Marketing world.

If you have all the above doubts then you are at the right place as within this post all your doubts will be cleared.

This article will not only help clarify these doubts but will also going to help select the right plan for you as per your requirement.

Not only this as an example Bluehost Basic Plan comparison along with WordPress Personal Plan is shared for your reference within this article below.

But before we proceed it is essential to understand a bit about both Bluehost as well as WordPress hosting services.

Introduction to Bluehost & WordPress


Bluehost is a popular self-hosting provider which uses open-source self-hosted versions of WordPress i.e. or we can say another open-source platform.

Bluehost also helps select domain names as per choice. It also offers various hosting plans as per individual needs like for Bloggers, small business owners, eCommerce requirements, etc.

To know more about plans in detail click here to visit the Bluehost site pricing plans.


On the other hand, WordPress is an easy-going online publishing platform. It also allows anyone to publish content online, without any technical background.

WordPress Get 25$ off on first purchase

However, most individuals are not aware that there are two separate WordPress platforms which are (Managed Hosting) and (Self-Hosted).

For those who are not aware so for them, it is advised to visit the subsection “Are there two different WordPress platforms?” within the Introduction to WordPress article but to be more specific about hosting services here is a comparison between Bluehost & shared.

In addition, if you would like to explore more about WordPress then must visit Introduction to WordPress article.

Bluehost vs WordPress

In order to understand Bluehost & in detail let’s check out the comparison between their Basic Plans i.e. Bluehost Basic Plan vs Personal Plan.

As comparisons always help understanding things in a better way as well as helps to recognize.

Features Bluehost ‘Basic Plan WordPress ‘Personal Plan
Domain Free for 1 Year (1399/yr value) Free for 1 Year (1260/yr value)
Themes 100+ Free Themes Dozens of free themes
Storage 50 GB SSD Storage 6 GB Storage Space
Staging Env Free Staging Environment No Staging Environment but
Site Optimization Automatic Optimized using JetPack
Site Security Free SSL Certificate Free SSL Certificate
Hosting Self-Hosting Managed Hosting
Support 24*7 support Unlimited customer support via email
Plan Price 179.00/month (current offer Price) 200/month billed annually
Recommended for Blogger or small site owners Bloggers
Bluehost Basic Plan vs WordPress Personal Plan

Note: With proper research and discussion with respective hosting service teams, all the above information is shared with my lovely audience:).

Above all, do not forget to visit respective sites as shared below for more clarity and visibility. As soon as you click the option of your choice it will redirect you to the respective site.

FAQs on Bluehost & WordPresst & WordPress

Do we have any comparison between WordPress & Bluehost?

Yes, it has been shared in the above comparison table. Also, please note the comparison is between Bluehost &, not As both are two different platforms, which are discussed here.

Is Bluehost & WordPress the same?

No, both are different and the most widely used hosting services. Bluehost makes use of self-hosting software i.e. whereas is Managed Hosting service which means managed most of the stuff for its clients or customers or users.

What is the difference between Bluehost & WordPress?

Please visit the table shared earlier for your reference where Basic Plans for both hosting services are shared.

Which hosting service is best Bluehost or WordPress?

It totally depends on your needs, if you want to manage everything in and out of your website then Bluehost is best for you otherwise if not technically sound then WordPress is best for you.

Not only this other factors to matters like the Individual Budget, Required Features, Learning ability, Explorer, etc.

Can I transfer or migrate my hosting to Bluehost?

Before answering this question most important thing to consider over here is if the migration is from to Bluehost or from another service provider which uses

1. Migration from to Bluehost

If the hosting transfer or migration is from to Bluehost then in that case you are entirely responsible for the entire migration.

Although, the Bluehost support team will guide you or assist you to follow certain steps if you are not sure how to do it then either hire a developer or take assistance from an experienced person who is technically sound and trustworthy.

2. Migration from another service (.org) provider to Bluehost

If migration is from another hosting service provider like Siteground, Hostinger, or any other hosting service which uses then, in that case, Bluehost provides a free migration service once opted for any of its plans.


I think by now it’s being clear that both the service providers are best and reliable. Moreover, it’s a bit tricky to choose any one of them.

If you are a starter with zero technical knowledge then first go with a Free WordPress creation plan. 

In addition, you can refer WordPress Website Creation article to set up your own WordPress website.

But remember with free service always features are limited so either upgrade to a personal plan initially or go with Bluehost Basic Plan within your pocket.

Keep looking for the best offers as Bluehost provides good discounted deals in regular intervals based on occasions. 

If bit lazy to do that then feel free to contact us via chat to help you select the best deals.

If willing to learn from scratch everything along with technical stuff then go with Bluehost which is managed by self-hosting

I hope by now you have made up your mind and if still confused then feel free to reach out.

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