Keyword SEO (On & Off-page) Niche

Basics about keyword (On & off-page) SEO Niche

Welcome Readers !!! In this interesting article we are going to learn about most important terminologies which are Keyword SEO (On & Off-page) Niche. These are the basis of building any website in the right way and helps increasing traffic too.

If one understood well that How to select Niche based on Keywords? and has followed right guideline for improving SEO then it will going to make difference and definitely one will see results.

Before we proceed, would like to share history about search engine. So, Do you know? One of the earliest search engines was Archie which was found in 1990. It allowed people to access and search file names of the webpages but it was not able to inform what was on those pages?

I hope above information is helpful specially for those who are not aware. Also, let’s cover Keyword SEO (On & Off-page) Niche one by one for more clear visibility. I tried to divide them in section with most commonly asked questions.


What are Keywords?

Keywords are the most essential part of any website. These are basically word or phrases that describe your content are about what?

Also, we can say from technical point of view Keywords are search terms which user’s types in search engine when they are looking for some information related to any particular area or topics online.  

Example: User either typed ‘Flight Discounts’ or ‘Discounts on flights’ in Google Search engine so both are keywords and will going to show results matching similar to same.

Few Interesting Facts

– Search engines try to show results closer to users search terms for good user experience.
– Based on the Keywords set by website owners and ranking in search engines results appear to users.
– All search engines have there own software setup which contains algorithms and based on which ranking offered to websites
– For any website to show up on first page of Google or any other search engine, it takes time based on the awareness plus linked to SEO tools & plugin’s.

How do I find and choose best Keywords?

There are many online free tools available to help finding keywords on the basis of Topic selected by user for their website.

Type Topic within search engine and based on same related topics will appear and from these topics only you can find your relevant keyword e.g. ‘Digital Marketing Courses’

Make sure to check Search volume and SEO difficulty for Keyword before finalizing them. Some of the tools are mentioned below for lovely readers below:

Keywords Search Tools

  • UberSuggest
  • LXRMarketplace
  • SiteLiner
  • WordStream
  • Keyword Tool

How to make Keywords List?

Different Keyword tools works differently but main intention is to shared keyword volume and other factors too.

Keywords which you are planning to opt based on the topic of your website. Firstly enter the keyword within chosen Keyword tools (shared list above for reference) 

Then related Keyword tool will suggest and show list of all the results nearby word and phrases too along with search volume, SEO difficulty and many more valuable result.

Export them and then analyze which Keyword have good search volume and less SEO difficultly. SD less than 30-40 is suggested to be picked-up.

What is the main purpose of using Keyword in SEO?

As Keywords are picked-up on the basis of search volume so definitely it will going to drive traffic to your website.

Also, while writing any content, Keywords are mixed up along. This helps website to rank on Google search page but also matters if On-page & Off-page SEO also done in a right way. There are many good plugin’s available for SEO improvement like Yoast SEO.

On & Off-page SEO

What is On-page SEO and Off-page SEO?

On-page SEO:

It is mainly optimizing or improving webpages of website so that it can help ranking higher in search engines.

In other words, we can say mainly by doing improvements within the content to make it more presentable to the users/visitors and moreover improving to help search engines understand your website pages and accordingly rank on search engines. I hope this helps and not confused further.

 Off-page SEO:

Off page is more related to behind the scenes activities. So, mainly when site owner tries to generate links or awareness about their post or website.

How to do On-page SEO?

All the ranking depends upon On-page factor and it is covered below for reference:

On-page SEO essential factors to consider

Most important factors to consider for On-page SEO includes Keyword, Title Tag, Heading tags, Image Optimization, URL structure and Meta Description.

Title Tags: Must and should contain main keyword of the site/website. Main Title in the particular page and Keyword on URL, page and heading also.

Repeat content in your blog but it should be content friendly means it should go with the content. Every word should not be keyword. Be sure about your content and mix Keyword with your content.

Meta Description, URL structure and Keyword Optimizing (It should be present in each and every paragraph)

Heading Tags: Heading is mainly HTML tags, if we see from technical point of view.

They play important role within your article and help reading articles by separating paragraph with sub-headings.

We have different types of Heading tags H1, H2-H6.  H1 describes your content is about and subheading tags is good way to put your Keywords.

Image optimization is very important; give some relevant name to your image so that search engines will understand that this particular image is about. Add Caption, Alt text too.

How to do Off-page SEO?

Few of the mostly used techniques are Backlink, Blog commenting and Press release to spread awareness and as a result generate leads for your website.

Is there is any free tool to do On-page and off-page SEO?

Yes we have different plugin’s/tools available to support same.

For On-Page SEO, we can use one of wonderful plugin i.e. Yoast SEO plus Rank Math and many better plugin’s.

Note- It depends on your plan on WordPress if you can install Yoast SEO plugin (calculate the sitemap accordingly) or any other good plugin.

For Off page SEO, we have Google Search Console available which is free to use. So, for same create a sitemap and link it to GSC.

If not aware how to do it? then refer my previous post on Google Search Console for step by step guide. It contains details related to sitemap generation, mapping too in detail.

How to confirm we are doing SEO in right direction?

One of the best ways is to regularly check stats of your website through Google Search Console. Refer GSC post for more details.

How SEO helps growing traffic to your website?

If both the On-page and Off-page SEO is performed correctly and mainly setup in the right order. Then do not need to worry as this is one of the way to help growing more organic traffic to your website so both are important in their own ways.  


What is Niche?

It is the main Topic like for e.g. Health, Fitness, Travel, Digital Marketing, Food etc. All these topics are vast enough and contain lot of sub-topics which are itself a big ocean to share information with users searching or looking online.

How to select your Niche?

Many good experts’ recommend that use something which you are interested in like for example Sports, Movies, Health and Fitness etc.

The only reason why they mention this is? it become easier to write about it as you already have interest within that particular topic. 

I would suggest if you are learning something then start writing about it. As once you start writing about it, you will do research about that particular topic. 

In this way, not only you gain knowledge by doing research but also can have your own content without copying from somewhere else.

What impact Niche does to SEO ranking?

However, Niche is a vast topic within which sub-topics are selected depending upon keyword selection but Basically, on these topics only content is written and are mixed with relevant Keywords.

Moreover, Do you know? SEO is basically use to improve presentation of any website.

Which Niche should one pick-up?

Exactly, same way as suggested earlier for Keyword selection so just follow the same process as followed to search Keyword on search tool and then based on results or findings decide.

So altogether we can say, niche, search terms are nothing but they are Keywords only. Just the point of view or way they used changed the name.  

If the user searching in search engine then they are known as search terms and if the advertisers are using word and phrases to target customers then it is known as Keywords.

Remember when we are searching term within search engine then based on same results appears and those results are based on the keywords applied by website owners.

So both are same as search terms searched by users are stored within search engine database and become keyword 🙂

How to confirm I have selected correct Niche?

Based on the traffic arriving to your website plus stats reflecting within Google Search Console as well as Google Analytics tool.

Where to use Keyword SEO (On & Off-page) Niche?

All used to write a good article which ads value to end user. At the end of the day someone is learning something and by sharing knowledge one is helping audience to understand things and implement accordingly.


As we know now, all three Keyword SEO (On & Off-page) Niche, Niche are basis of any website and in-order to create your website, one need to first understand (“Keywords, SEO (On & Off-page), Niche”) them if looking that how these help diverting traffic to your website?

Understand them carefully and then start working to place on beautiful website in-place with Niche and relevant keywords associated within content. Off course before launching making sure on page SEO also followed as suggested by SEO plugin installed.

Hope this article is going to help all my lovely readers. Thank you so much for valuable feedbacks and likes to encourage me to bring up something to the table to help learners keep learning and exploring.

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