Getting Started With Google Ads

Welcome Readers!!! This time let’s explore about Google Ads but before that I hope you all are doing perfectly fine and safe too. Also, some of you might be engaged already learning something new or so in-order to explore & enhance your skills which is pretty cool.

Some might be looking for new opportunities, some are looking forward to grow there business online & some might be checking articles online to gain knowledge related to the topic of your interest. Main objective is to explore something new to get going.

For those who are looking forward to make or reach to new customer online, then for them this article might be useful as well as for those who are planning to setup ‘Google Ads’ aka ‘Google AdWords’ or looking for professional advice or may be looking for someone to set campaigns for them in a right and structured way.

Those who are looking for local traffic or who do not have any physical service or any specific location. For them too Google Ads is a good fit to increase new customer database, brand awareness, lead generation and many more.

Google Ads aka Google AdWords

In July 2018, Google announced a rebranding of Google AdWords as Google Ads so both are same Google AdWords renamed to as Google Ads now.

Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) are basically those advertisements which are displayed only when they comply with Google’s guidelines. It is the platform provided by Google to give opportunity to Advertisers or Businesses to reach out to the public of similar interest or to increase customer base online.

If one is looking to reach out to new customers then you can use Google Ads. Based on one’s budget, advertisers can place ads.

How Google Ads work? and How to set it up?

Once you opt for Google Ads and setup everything (campaign/s) then Google places these ads within Google Network like on Google search engine plus on mobile aps, videos, non-search websites etc. basically within Google Network.

Quick flow to setup Google Ads

Create campaign > Set up ad groups> Create ads> Billing

Creating campaign

  • Visit and click start now (pre-requisite- Gmail account)
  • Select goal from the list for which planning to set Google Ads – For beginners, will suggest to select website traffic
  • For awareness we have options to select like Sales, Leads, Product and Brand consideration, Brand awareness and reach, App promotion based on business need or you can create campaign without any goal as well.
  • Select campaign type Search ads (text ads) or Display ads (videos, shopping ads, image ads) (Go for Search ads, if do not have any videos in-place yet)
  • Add your Business website and press continue (Use Google My Business to setup one, it is free)
  • Type Campaign name, relevant to your business or Niche selected like for e.g. Baby toys, Women watches, Digital Marketing etc.
  • Networks selection: Uncheck if do not want to display to other website.
  • Set Start and End Dates – Always set Start and End dates. You can choose to have 15-20 days trial as well to see how things working for you.


– Setting Start and End dates is helpful, if in case one looses internet connection or account gets locked, this feature prevents you from getting charged.

Location, Language Budget & Bidding setup
  • Select Location: Select your location like India, US or All countries and territories etc. based on your targeted location.
  • Select Language based on the audience targeting, choose English as this is spoken worldwide (if planning to target globally)
  • Set Budget – Set your budget, as per your pocket.  (e.g. 100 rupees or 10 dollar for 15-20 days)
  • Set Bid – Click on option Set a Maximum Cost Per Click. Always, setup some limit as when someone’s clicks on your Ad then maximum setup amount will going to spent per click and not the entire Budget at once will go.
  • Click on ‘Save and continue

e.g. 1. For US users : If somebody set’s a Budget to $10 then they should set maximum bid limit to  $1.50 or $1.75.
2. For Indian users: If one set Budget to Rs.100 suppose then set maximum bid limit to Rs.10 or Rs.12.

Setup ad groups

  • Enter Keywords or Phrases under Add group name
  • Click on ‘Save and continue


Google Ads account required in-order to access Google Keyword Planner.
Daily Estimate -This will reflect based on the keywords and daily budget set.
Match types – Do you know while setting up campaigns, we have three types of Keyword matches? which are Broad Match, Phrase match & Exact match.

Create Ads

  • Add Heading 1 (Main Keyword) and add Heading 2 (Lead Keyword) (Heading 3 also can be add but if not added then too it’s fine)
  • Add Description 1 and add Description 2
  • Click on ‘Save and continue

e.g. 1. Google Ads (this is Heading 1) > [Step by Step] Tutorial (this is Heading 2) > For Beginner’s (this is Heading 3)
2. Best step by step guide (this is Description 1) > to learn about Google Ads (this is Description 2)


  • Confirm payment info – Enter country and promo code (Do Google ads credit search to find coupon code.)
  • Enter credit or debit card details (Google accept both credit and debit)


– For first time users 2000 Rupees or 100 dollars credited, it depends on country so confirm once based on your location.
– Put correct details otherwise account might get suspended
– Credits will only going to reflect on your account once payment done and some limited amount spent as per Google guideline.

Steps to Navigate to Keyword Planner

  • Click on Explore your Campaign (if first time creating campaign then this will appear once campaign created).
  • then Click Tools and Settings.
  • Under same click on Planning.
  • Within Planner Keyword Planner will appear.
Benefits of using Keyword Planner
  • It helps finding terms that people use to search on Google.
  • It offers lot of different ideas for related search term/Keyword.
  • Helps discovering new Keywords.
  • Keyword Planner shares information about Average Monthly Searches, Competition Type, Ads impression etc.
  • Top of page bid (low and high range) – Basically, gives idea about the bids placed from lower to high.
  • Provides Feature to select suggested Keywords and gives options to create a group plus run ads for those selected Keywords.


– Good to have lower cost per click as easy to compete

Is PPC and Google AdWords same?

As most of you might aware that Google Ads are based on Pay per click model. Google provide these ads services under pay-per-click model that’s why some people refer Google ads/Google AdWords as Pay Per Click as well.

Basically, Pay per click means when the user clicks on Ads then advertiser need to pay for the Ads setup within Google Ads.

What are Campaigns?

It is a structured way to setup Google Ads or more organised way. It basically give opportunity to advertisers to maintain different categories of Ads as per their budget. Also, have ability to choose options to display them.

How to Create Campaigns using Google Ads?

When created in right and structured way, it is a very simple and straight forward process. Also, Step by Step process is already shared above within Creating campaign heading. Feel free to check same or click here to navigate above.

How to make use of Keywords while creating Campaigns in Google Ads?

Based on product/services or related Niche, individual/Businesses plans to Advertise. They mainly look for related Keywords within the feature provided by Google Ads i.e. Keyword Planner.

It is very simple to use and navigate as shared above. Use this excellent tool to help your business growing as it suggests, how much interaction expected by placing the particular ad? It shows Daily Estimates within “Set up Ads group” for one’s reference which is good.

Types of Google Ads

Display and Search Ads falls under Google AdWords or PPC. Display ads are more related to image, video etc. while on the other hand Search Ads are mainly text one’s.

Mainly Ads are displayed on Google search engine pages or the properties owned by Google. We can say Google’s Network basically. For Beginners, will suggest to go for Search Ads option while creating campaigns. Slowly, they can move to Display one’s if have all videos/images finalized and ready to share across.

Do we earn from Google Adwords?

No, there is no earning through Google AdWords as here advertisers are paying for per click by user/s or the websites they are visiting where ads are displayed based on Google policies.

How much Budget required placing Google Ads?

It depends on country to country, usually in India having a budget of 50-100 rupees as well works fine to start with Google Ads. While in US starting with 10-100 dollars as well works fine. It also depends on how you strategies things, mainly considering maximum bidding as well one should plan budget or take professional advice.

How much traffic comes via Google Ads?

It is not easy to measure exact traffic as it totally depends on following factors:

  • Keywords used to create Campaigns.
  • Most important factor is relevancy of your website means:
    • If it is structured well or not? Keywords are used or not?
    • On-page SEO done in correct order or not.
  • Create campaigns in right order and right way.
  • Budget of advertiser to reach required number of audience.
  • Selection of Bids based on budget selected.

Additional Features provided by Google Ads

Google Ads Manager – Here, one can create user roles and can control access and permissions. Helpful for big organizations where multiple users working to maintain same mainly marketing team.

Google keyword planner–  Making use of this feature, one can decide next topic for writing article by looking at the keyword search volume and other informative stats. Visit Keyword SEO Niche article for more details.

Does anything exists like Negative Keywords?

Yes it does. One can restrict irrelevant traffic by adding keywords which are known as Negative Keywords.

Keywords which will going to help restricting unnecessary traffic coming your way and which are not going to covert to customers. Also, if someone accidently clicks your Ads then you would be spending money so choose your audience as well carefully. Negative Keyword, helps achieving same based on your Niche.

Steps to setup Negative Keywords
  • Click on Keywords then on Negative Keywords on top.
  • After that add negative keywords.
  • Add to Campaign or Ad group
  • add Keywords like for e.g. coupon, type of Proteins etc. if your Keyword is Top 10 Health and Fitness Tips
  • and Save it.


Google Ads which are also known as Google AdWords or PPC plays crucial role for increasing traffic and increases changes to convert those traffic into sales. Basically, creating campaigns and that too multiple one’s in the structured way with different types of advertisement for same Niche/product/service.

Get Professional Advice

If you are looking for professional support to setup Google Ads for you or you might have already in place one but not sure if it is fine or not? then reach out to DigitalPVBlogs for Google Ads Professional consultation and support.

We help all kind of businesses to grow and succeed in there own industry and make a trademark so that customer will notice and reach out. Contact us for placing one in right order and way.

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