New Feature 2021: Did you explore GetResponse “Code-Free, AI-based Website Builder”?

GetResponse Website Builder

The most powerful & amazing feature added to the world’s famous email marketing platform i.e. GetResponse with a code-free, AI-based Website Builder.

Yes, it’s right it becomes more simple to create your dream website. Although with zero experience, one can build a website with just a few simple steps & that too using an AI-powered tool.

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In addition, it has the potential to integrate with all other marketing tools which are used to run a business online. Isn’t it amazing?

As we proceed further, we are going to cover all the features, benefits, pricing, target markets, & many more. So, stay tuned till the end to get more insights about this lovely feature in 2021.

Also, this article is useful & important for those who have no idea about this feature plus willing to learn. Or else did some research but unable to find anything.

Experienced individuals as shared below will definitely be going to get the benefit of this feature as it contains all necessary tools to run any business online.

Undoubtedly helpful for business owners, website designers, freelancers, etc. This will surely be going to save time & money.

GetResponse Website Builder
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Features of Getresponse Website Builder

1. AI-Powered Website Designing

Artificial intelligence programming is used to build robust websites. Once the user answers simple questions about their company, industry, preferences, etc. then the AI wizard generates custom web pages immediately.

2. Pre-designed Templates

The pre-designed templates help users to save a lot of time that helps to create a website from the scratch. Finally, Drag & Drop editor enables additional customization to design a unique website.

3. Zero Coding Experience

If you do not have any experience in coding then need no worry. Despite this, it is possible to create a website without hiring expensive programmers. Thus, forget about coding skills and start building your own website.

4. Simple Design

Website Builder is designed considering the end-user in mind. Of course, its design is so simple that it helps users to change the styling, colors & fonts of the entire website in just one simple click.

5. UnSplash Free Images

It offers thousands of free images from top-rated stock photography sites. Getresponse has considered all the aspects to make more genial for users & for images integrated with Unsplash.

6. Mobile Friendly

Website Builder automatically generates a mobile-friendly website. Also, users can preview changes before & after publishing respective websites.

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7. Build-in Website Popups

Website popup feature is already build-in which helps to generate leads, new content promotion, special offers on features. Pop-up forms are available in a different range of settings & customization options.

8. Domain & Hosting with SSL certificate

Getresponse provides a complete website solution to users by offering hosting and domain services together along with an SSL certificate.

Users can use the free domains as well as have the choice to buy new ones. Isn’t it more than enough to start your own website?

9. SEO offered by Getresponse Website Builder

Basically supports SEO which enables riding organic site visitors, including metadata to titles, descriptions, alternate URL slug to support key phrases. Based on the optimization enables to show website pages on search engines like google and yahoo.

10. Performace Analytics

It enables analyzing website overall performance with the aid of tracking traffic, region, click on thru price, gadgets, forms & popups, and so on.

11. All-in-one Platform

The Website Builder function makes GetResponse a totally online platform in which all of the advertising tools available in one place. Customers can scale diverse sports, efficiencies & abilities within one roof.

All-in-one Platform
All-in-one Platform

Benefits of Getresponse Website Builder

  • 30 days risk-free trial
  • SSL certificate inclusive at one place
  • 35+ predesigned and blank templates
  • AI-powered website building capabilities
  • No additional cost for a website builder
  • Complete solution with hosting & domain services

Getresponse Website Builder Pricing

My last post “Best Email Marketing Free Services in 2021” was related to Email marketing tools/services where I shared pricing for GetResponse. As soon as 30 days the free trial completes.

So, as we know there are four plans offered by GetResponse – Basic, Plus, Professional, Max. When I compared the previous pricing plans list with the existing one then no difference observed.

I was surprised to see even after the new amazing website Builder feature included. Pricing was the same. Yes, that’s right website builder is inclusive in all the plans that too without any extra cost.

In addition, this is just an amazing thing that can happen to GetResponse fans. Also, new users who are planning to opt for.

Feel free to check out for pricing details in my previous post or else visit the GetResponse site for more insight.

Website Builder

Where to use the Website Builder Feature? It is suitable for which targeted market?

  • Suitable for marketers who are looking for an end-to-end marketing platform.
  • Best for SMB(Small or Medium-Sized Business) owners who are looking for a quick and easy way to place a website.
  • Those individuals who want to promote & sell services like Professionals, consultants, freelancers & salesperson, etc.
  • Organizations, Nonprofits firms, or even schools who are looking for a hassle-free website.


No doubt GetResponse become a more powerful tool with the introduction of the Website Builder Feature. It becomes so powerful tool that it easily integrates with all the tools which are used to run a business online like for e.g. email marketing, automation, pop-ups, chats, paid ads, webinars, web push notifications, and many more.

Not only all the features & benefits are amazing but if we check the pricing plans then it is also nominal. As the first plan itself starts with $15 which is fine.

Website Builder was missing earlier within the GetResponse platform which has now connected all the dots or features. As a result of which it has tagged GetResponse an All-in-one-Platform.

Although, one can opt for 30 days Free trial option initially. So based on the time spend it becomes quite easy to take the final decision.

Besides this, if you are looking to explore more then visit related Blogs WordPress Website Creation, Best Email Marketing Free Services in 2021, Introduction to WordPress in Digital Marketing.

If you are planning to try this all-in-one platform then I am sure you are going to love it.

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