Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing [2021]

In this “Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing [2021]”, we have all the important queries related to Affiliate marketing covered up which most of the beginners have initially. 

Also, I am sure by now if we go with sequence then as mentioned in the post How to earn money through Digital Marketing? you might have got some basic idea about affiliate marketing. 

And as we proceed further, I have categorized all the commonly asked doubts for your reference below.

How "Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing" categorized?

Beginners’ guide to affiliate marketing basically consists of almost all the basic doubts/queries which beginners have while exploring affiliate marketing. 

Here within Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing almost all the doubts are mentioned based on levels such as Basic, Moderate & Advance for ease of understanding.

As my lovely readers proceed further, more interesting questions appear along with the approach to follow so stay tuned till the end. 

Also, for more ease expand the table of content for clear details about all the sub-topics covered within the Affiliate Marketing Beginners Guide.

Is this Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing sufficient to start with Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, it is sufficient to start with Affiliate Marketing. Two methods explained within this guide below for your reference.


What is meant by affiliate marketing?

As mentioned above that within the post How to earn money through Digital Marketing?.

A quick glimpse of affiliate marketing is shared in a simpler way, keeping beginners into consideration. However here, it is mentioned in a more detailed way.

Affiliate Marketing is that source of income that one earns by promoting some other company products/services.

Mainly, if we see it is a commission earned from the sales which a particular company gives when you refer someone and help companies convert leads to sales/customers or we can say person referred & purchases some product/service from the mentioned company.

How many parties are involved in Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing consists of three different kinds of parties as mentioned below:

  • Merchant/Seller/Advertiser – Pays commission to Affiliates for Sale.
  • Affiliate Marketers/Affiliates/Publisher – Promotes Product/Services.
  • Customers/Buyers – Purchases products or Services promoted by Affiliate Marketer/Affiliates.

The important part is Networks or Platforms where Affiliates select products/services and Advertisers place products/services for Affiliates to select.

How do I become an affiliate marketer?

To become an affiliate marketer there are two ways/methods which are very simple & easy:

Method 1: If you have a website then follow these steps:

  • Create an account on affiliate marketing platforms or specific companies (list shared below for reference).
  • Select Product/Services related to your website Niche (Topic)
  • Once Products or Services are selected then start promoting the same.
  • Promotions can be done either by writing blogs, creating Landing Page about that particular product/service, or by placing ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc, spreading awareness via social media. 

Method 2: If you do not have a website in place (use existing traffic) 

  • The first step is the same as shared above that create an account in affiliate network companies (but those which do not require having a website e.g. ClickBank, Amazon)
  • Select one/two similar category product/service
  • Start promoting either placing ads or spread awareness within Facebook, Instagram, Twitter groups, etc.
  • Also, you can advertise your affiliate links on platforms like Medium, or Udemy, or Reddit, or Youtube.
  • Use an Ad tracker like Voluum that will take care of your affiliate ad campaigns

List of Platforms to create Landing Page

How much do beginner earn from affiliate marketing?

There is no such guarantee that how much one can earn either Beginner or experienced?

As everything depends on the right strategy and approach. Also, patience is a must.

If the strategy works well then the same person who was earlier earning zero can start earning in lac & crore and goes on.

Some people I have seen personally started earning 2Lacs to 15 lacs/month and it is increasing day by day. 

And some not earning anything but they keep trying as you never know when things will change. So, don’t lose hope.

The reason for this difference is the right strategy is followed by the first one as compared to the second one.

So it is all about doing experiments but remember do not spam (by keeping sharing links on social channels like Facebook).

Remember if you spam your account might get banned as well on Facebook, Instagram, etc.


Is affiliate marketing easy?

It is not that much easy as it is considered especially when you do not have sales experience or the right strategies.

But on the other hand, it is not that much hard as well. As with the use of advanced tools & strategies it can be done easily.

So, if one strategy fails then start working on another one e.g. Landing page not giving expected results then either redesign it or change content and make it more attractive & appealing.

The same goes with Ads,  if not giving expected results then redesign them or use catchy words or Hooks.

Can I do affiliate marketing on mobile?

Yes, anyone can do that. Check out apps for affiliate marketing companies. These are available for example JVZoo, Warrior Plus, etc.

But it is preferred to start same using a laptop as things will become quite easy to manage.

Can you share leading affiliate marketing networks or platforms?

Some of the leading and well-known affiliate marketing platforms are mentioned below: 

Click on the interesting platform as mentioned above & you will get redirected to the Affiliate Login page.

Can one get rich from affiliate marketing?

Yes, this might also happen. As it totally depends on the below factors:

  • Efforts putting across
  • Using right strategy
  • Using right approach
  • Sales Pitch on-call/personal message
  • Attractive & Attention seeking Ads
  • Right niche selected
  • Impact driven & appealing content mentioned
  • A lot of Patience

Also, remember it is not a fast process or technique to become rich.

Always keep in mind to add value or try to provide solutions to end-user/customer.


How to start Affiliate Marketing in 2021?

The steps are the same as mentioned within the above question.

But before applying to any affiliate platform make sure you have:

Method 1:

  • A website with at least 5-6 blogs article written.
  • Choose product/services wisely and relevant to your website niche.

Method 2:

Based on social media or followers then

  • Explain well in advance about your plan and strategy
  • If possible share some sample Landing pages created for the different products just for reference purpose 

Note chances of approval in the case of Method 1 are more. As affiliate platforms prefer having a website & get sales via traffic on the website.

If you have not yet set up a website then click here to create one with an already applicable discount with this link or else contact us to guide you in setting up one.

If already have one in place then start creating a landing page or widgets for approved affiliate product/service.

How performance of Affiliate Marketer tracked ?

Once an affiliate marketer opts for any of the affiliate platforms or Networks, a unique affiliate Id is allotted once the request is approved.  

With the help of this unique Id, the merchant track the performance of the affiliate marketer. 

e.g. If someone opted for ClickBank then within the Clickbank reporting section affiliates’ performance is tracked similar way other affiliate platforms have reporting features to track things.

Do's and Don't of Affiliate Marketing as per Affiliate Marketing beginners Guideline

  • Choose a Product related to your Niche or comfortable with if in case not using 2nd method shared above.
  • Select good companies and products to promote
  • Write blogs to give value to users and write about the selected products.
  • Create a Landing page for related products/services so that it can be used while doing paid advertising.
  • Promote product/services on the right or left widget of your website. (if selected the first option)
  • Avoid opting for many affiliate programs at once.
  • Avoid opting for multiple affiliate platforms at once. 
  • Do not share affiliate links directly with anyone as affiliate platforms do not like this and may block your account. Some exceptions are there like Amazon does not mind sharing links directly. But will suggested to check Terms and conditions once.
  • Plan a strategy using the right approach

Top Affiliate courses,eBook, Plug & Play for your reference

Future of Affiliate Marketing in 2021

Those who are worried if it is worth spending time on Affiliate marketing or it will die soon? then one must read the below stats: 

> ~81% of Brands rely on Affiliate Marketing.

> 94% of publishers use more than one network.

> Awin affiliates earned over $915 million last year.

> As per studies it will go beyond $16 billion dollars in 2021.

Amazon Associates is the largest affiliate network with 900,000+ active affiliates.

If in case you have any queries related to this article then feel free to comment below within this Blog.

Thank you for spreading love and support always.

The decision is all yours whether to jump into this Affiliate Marketing Sea and try your luck.As you never know what happens next? 🙂

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